Our story

Elliott Garofalo founded Patriot Paint in 2017, with a vision of redefining the construction industry. With a single-minded focus to challenge today’s construction best practices, utilize new technology and methodologies to improve delivery capabilities, and create new industry platforms to improve customer satisfaction. Having achieved tremendous success with our clients in our first year, we focused our services offerings towards the retail and restaurant industry, and set out with a new set of goals. To achieve these goals, we needed the best of the best, and in 2018 George Schaefer joined the ownership team to ensure operational excellence. As a result, Patriot Paint became Patriot Services Network in April of 2018! Together, we strive to set an example to our employees, partners, and clients that our commitment to redefine the construction industry is transforming from vision to reality!


Being responsible is integral to our success and that of our customers, partners and community we serve. At PSN, corporate social responsibility is embedded into our values and helps guide how we conduct business, and deliver on our goals and commitments. We believe in a future where people from all walks of life are valued for their unique contributions, and where our company is more than just an address on a map, but a part of the local community.

“We are honored to partner with PSN to help our deployed service members, veterans, and their families.” “Their support and philosophy of hiring veterans first coincides with the mission of Soldiers’ Angels to help veterans in need.”
— Amy Palmer, President and CEO of Soldiers’ Angels


Partner and CEO

Partner and CEO

Elliott Garofalo

Having spent the last 20 years advising companies, from startups to Fortune 500, on business transformation initiatives, go-to market strategies, and technology services, Elliott has set his focus on bringing innovation to the construction industry. His pension for challenging the norms, leveraging cross industry business processes, and fueling high growth organizations, perfectly positions PSN for success!

Partner and COO

Partner and COO


George has led an impressive career as a top operations leader in his 35 years working in the restaurant, retail and franchising industry. Serving as COO at Patriot Services Network, he plays a major role in delivering operational systems to his clients and developing the people capabilities within the company’s team members and vendor partners.